Katarina Blagojević

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Katarina Blagojević (née Jovanović; 31 October 1943 — 15 November 2021), also known as Katarina Blagojević-Jovanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Катарина Благојевић-Јовановић) was a Serbian chess player. She held the title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM, 1986). She shared 4th-5th place in the Women's World Chess Championship Candidates Tournament in 1964. She was born in Belgrade, Occupied Serbia, occupied Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Blagojević was a three-time winner of the Yugoslav Women's Chess Championship (1961, 1972, 1974). She won a team silver medal and bronze individual medal at the Women's Chess Olympiads in 1963 and 1966.[1][2]

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