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Kenpo or kempo is the descriptive name of various Japanese martial arts with Chinese origins, and also of hybrid martial arts: the Japanese ones and the Chinese ones. Kenpo is similar to karate and includes more punches and kicks than holds or joint locks of wrestling.

More known styles of Kenpo[change | change source]

Kempo is a Japanese Martial Arts form. However, unlike Karate, its origins are linked back to China and still have very strong influences from Chinese systems. It is not uncommon for a Kempo artist to both use traditional Japanese and Chinese style techniques. The difference lies in that because of the Chinese influence, the Japanese moves tend to emphasize more fluidity than most of the other Japanese styles. And because of the Japanese influence, there is a stronger focus for shorter stances and movements than other Chinese styles. For the same reason that many other styles are sometimes simply listed as "karate", Kempo has long been strongly linked under the general banner of "karate". Kempo is known for its near explosive, short-ranged attacks that often move faster than the opponent can see. Kempo has a very strong presence in Hawaii, the home base for many of the systems under Kempo that exist today in the United States. Throughout each of the histories of the different groups there are strong signs of the continued merging of both Chinese and Japanese influences.

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