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Arby in 2012

Khaira Arby, known as The Nightingale of Timbuktu (21 September 1959 – 19 August 2018), was a Malian singer-songwriter.[1] She was born in Timbuktu, Mali Federation.

In 1992, Arby started a career under her own name, the first Malian woman to do so. In 2010, she became globally popular. She toured the United States,[2] performed at Pop Montreal in 2010, and at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2011.[3]

Arby wrote and sang in the indigenous languages ​​of the region, Songhai, Tamachek, Bambara, and in Arabian.

Arby died on 19 August 2018 in Bamako, Mali from breast cancer at the age of 59.[4]

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