Khalistan Movement

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The Proposed Flag of Khalistan is often used as a symbol of the Khalistan Independence Movement.

The Khalistan Movement is a Sikh secessionist movement. Its goal is to create a homeland for Sikhs by seceding the Indian Punjab from India and establish a sovereign, ethno-religious Sikh state called Khālistān ("Land of the Khalsa"), in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. The geographical area of Khalistan is variable and several propositions have been made by different groups, but all plans which have been primarily considered involve land that currently forms Punjab, Chandigarh and some parts of the neighbouring states of India.[1]

Khalistani separatists declared their unilateral independence from India on 29 April 1986. In 1993, Khalistan was briefly admitted in the UNPO. In the 1980s and 1990s, the movement reached on its peak, after that the insurgency petered out, and the movement failed to reach its objective for multiple reasons including a heavy police crackdown on separatists, factional infighting, and disillusionment from the Sikh population.[2]

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