Khaqani Shirvani

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Afzal ad- Din Badil Ibrahim ibn Ali Nadjar Khaqani Shirvani (1120-1190) (Persian: افضل الدین بدیل ابراهیم بن علی نجار خاقانی شروانی) or Khaghani Shirvani was a Persian poet. His most famous poem is The Arch of Madain(Persian: ايوان مداين). He wrote the poem book Tohfat-ul Iraqein (in Persian: تحفه العراقين meaning A Gift from the Two Iraqs) in his journey to Mesopotamia. The Shirvanshah ordered his officers to imprison him. Khaghani was in prison for nearly five years. In prison, he wrote the poems called Habsiyye (Persian: حبسیه, meaning The Prison Book). After he was freed, he moved to Tabriz. Khaghani died in Tabriz.