Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau

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Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau
Typegovernment owned
IndustryArms industry
Automotive industry
Key people
Mikhail Koshkin, Alexander Morozov, notable chief designers
ProductsMilitary vehicles, Main battle tanks, Armored personal carriers, Tractors, Heavy equipment, Engines
OwnerUkrainian Defense Industry (company)

Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (Ukrainian: Харківське Конструкторське Бюро з Машинобудування ім. О.О. Морозова, or ХКБМ, KhKBM), often simply called Morozov Design Bureau or abbreviated KMDB, is a defense company owned by the government of Ukraine. The company is in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It makes armoured vehicles. These include the T-80UD and T-84 main battle tanks, as well as military prime movers. It was responsible for the Soviet BT tank series and the T-34, T-54, and T-64 tanks. It is associated with the Malyshev Factory.