Ki Daophet Niuhuang

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Ki Daophet Niuhuang (Lao: ກິດາວເພັດ ໜູຫ່ວງ) was a singer from Laos, by genre Mor lam. He was born in 1 July 1972. He was two older-brothers are Kosin and Bounkerd.

Career[change | change source]

He started on stage in 1994, with his brothers from founded Mor lam music band Num Kosin[1][2], and he started to solo-artist in 1997.

He has many popular song include Nam Ta Kway, Jee Hoy[1][3], Nam Ta Luk Phoo Chay, Fa Oum Fon Kue Khon Oum Nong, Miea Mak Phay, Koy Nong Kuen Udom Xai. In 2014, Niuhuang and Pueng Rassamee released a studio album Sao Mak Nao Bao Na Wang, and in 2018, Niuhuang and Prang Buppha relased single Bao Vientiane Hak Xao Nongkhai.

He died in 24 April 2020[3][4][1][5][6].

References[change | change source]