Kingdom of Bosnia

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Kingdom of Bosnia
Bosansko kraljevstvo
Босанско краљевство
Medieval Bosnian State Expansion
Medieval Bosnian State Expansion
Bosnian Church[1]
Eastern Orthodoxy
GovernmentFeudal monarchy
• 1377–1391
Tvrtko I (first)
• 1461–1463
Stephen Tomašević (last)
Historical eraMiddle Ages
26 October 1377
5 June 1463
CurrencyBosnian Golden Coin
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Banate of Bosnia
Sanjak of Bosnia

The Kingdom of Bosnia was a monarchy in the Balkans that existed from 1377 to 1463.[2] It was established by Tvrtko I, and collapsed in the Hungarian invasions of Matthias I. It became a nation from the Banate of Bosnia, which was a de facto independent nation under Hungarian rule. The Banate became more and more independent from Hungary, and eventually became an independent Kingdom under Tvrtko I. After his death, the Kingdom had many internal problems, leading to a fight over who the king of Bosnia should be. This eventually led to Matthias I of Hungary invading the Kingdom to expand his influence over the Balkans.[2]

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