Knobbed whelk

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Knobbed whelk
Busycon carica.jpg
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Busycon carica

The knobbed whelk (Busycon carica) is a gastropod mollusc which is protected by a thick, hard shell. It is large predatory sea snail, or whelk.

This mollusc is found in shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of North America from Massachusetts to northern Florida.

This whelk has a spiral shell with knobs (or spines) along its shoulder. The shell is up to 9.5 inches (24 cm) long. The shell is light gray to tan, and often has brown and white streaks.

On the shallow-water mud flats whelks prey on oysters, clams, and other marine bivalves. They wedge the bivalve open using the edge of their shell. Then they squeeze in their radula. This is a rough tongue-like organ that has thousands of tiny denticles (tooth-like protrusions).