Korea Presbyterian Theological Seminary(KPTS)

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Korea Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Symbol Mark & Logo of the Korea Presbyterian Theological Seminary.jpg
The Seminary in 2012
MottoSola Scriptura,Solus Christus
AffiliationThe Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Korea[1]
ChancellorHa Seung Moo
Academic staff

Korea Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Hangul: 한국장로회신학교; Hanja: 韓國長老會神學校; RR: Hanguk Jangrohoe sinhakgyo) is a seminary in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea founded on 17 January 2012.

History[change | change source]

The seminary was established in January 2012, as an Orthodox Presbyterian Seminary. This seminary was the only training institution for pastor candidates of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Korea. The main programs of the Seminary's non-degree courses of Master of Divinity equivalent (M.Div., Equiv, M.Div., Equiv. in Missiology Language.) are open. A laity leadership program, pastor refresher courses and Bible Academy were established.

Features[change | change source]

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Distinctive features of the seminary include historical orthodox Presbyterian church and Reformed churchs and a small number of apprenticeships.

Applicants are selected through a rigorous screening process. The applicant must have at least a bachelor's degree in a regular university. All students receive free tuition.

Founder and chancellor Rev. Seung-moo Ha[source?] of the KPTS leads the school. The honorary chancellor of the Korea Theological Seminary is Th. D. Seung-mi Lee.[2][3][4]

Programs[change | change source]

  • Master of Divinity equivalent program M.Div.,Equiv.)
  • Master of Divinity equivalent program for Missionary language training((M.Div.,Equiv. in Missiology Language.)
  • Pastors re-training program (Th.M.,Equiv.)
  • Laity leadership program ((B.Th., Equiv.)

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