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Kovačevića potok

Coordinates: 44°42′33″N 17°58′08″E / 44.70917°N 17.96889°E / 44.70917; 17.96889
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Kovačevića potok
Kovačevići's stream
Ковачевића поток
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Physical characteristics
 - locationVlašić, below Petrovo polje
 - elevation1000
 - locationVrbanja river, near Palivuk
 - coordinates44°42′33″N 17°58′08″E / 44.70917°N 17.96889°E / 44.70917; 17.96889
Length4 km (2.5 mi)
Basin size3 km²
Basin features
ProgressionVrbanja river

Kovačevića potok (English: Kovacevici's stream) is a left tributary of the Vrbanja river, between Kruševo Brdo (upstream) and Šiprage (downstream) ), in the Kotor-Varoš, Municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is about three km long. [1] [2] Several of its constituent streams originate in the Guzovina - Vis elevation complex (1003 m), west of the village of Kovačevići: Tocil at 1000 m above sea level, Duboki potok (Deep creek) at 900 m, and a nameless creek at 940 m. First, the Tocil and the Deep creek connect, and then that watercourse connects with the nameless creek between Durakovići and Kovacevići villages at an altitude of 672 m, on the road R-440: Šiprage - Kruševo Brdo [3] From the Čudnić basin and to the south, it is separated by Arab Hill. On this stream, in the 1960s, there were five watermills.

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