Kunar River

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The Kunar River (Kunar Rud) is about 480 km long. It is in eastern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan. The Kunar river system is fed from melting glaciers and snow of the Hindu Kush mountains. The Lutkho River joins the Mastuj River just north of the important regional centre of Chitral in Pakistan and is then called the Chitral River, before flowing south into the upper Kunar Valley in Afghanistan, where it is referred to as the Kunar River.

The Kunar River empties into the Kabul River just to the east of the city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan. The combined rivers then flow eastwards into Pakistan. Then it becomes known as the Chitral River, joining the Indus River at the city of Attock.

Kunar River in the Bar Kashkot village, Nangarhar area of Pakistan

Tributaries[change | change source]

The Peche River is in Afghanistan. The Peche river system is fed from glaciers and snow. It includes the Kunar River, which rises in Nuristan province of Afghanistan, and the main Kunar River, which rises in the eastern Pamir Mountains before flowing through Chitral in Pakistan into the upper Kunar Valley in Afghanistan.

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