Kvænangen (fjord)

Coordinates: 69°44′46″N 22°05′18″E / 69.7462°N 22.0883°E / 69.7462; 22.0883
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Kvænangen fjord in Kvænangen and Skjervøy municipalities

69°44′46″N 22°05′18″E / 69.7462°N 22.0883°E / 69.7462; 22.0883

Kvænangen is a fjord located in Troms county, Norway. It is about 72 kilometres (45 mi) long and runs through Skjervøy Municipality and Kvænangen Municipality. The fjord stretches from the Norwegian Sea to the village of Kvænangsbotn, and branches off into Reisafjorden to the west and Badderfjorden to the east. The European route E06 highway crosses the fjord on the Sørstraumen Bridge, just west of the village of Sekkemo.[1]

There are several islands located in Kvænangen, including Arnøya, Laukøya, Skjervøya, Kågen, Haukøya, Rødøya, Skorpa, Nøklan, and Spildra. The fjord is also home to various marine animals, including cetaceans such as harbour porpoises, dolphins, minke whales, sperm whales, and beluga whales.[2] In recent years, humpback whales have started to return to the fjord to feed.[3]

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