Kwong Siu-hing

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Kwong Siu-hing
Kwong Siu Hing & Thomas Kwok.jpg
Kwong Siu-hing (centre) in July 2008

1929 (age 90–91)
Other namesKwok Kwong Siu-hing
Occupationcompany director
Years active2008–2011
Board member ofSun Hung Kai Properties (former chairperson and non-executive director)
Spouse(s)Kwok Tak-seng
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese鄺肖卿
Simplified Chinese邝肖卿
Jyutpingkwong3 ciu3 hing1

Kwong Siu-hing, or sometimes Kwok Kwong Siu-hing (Chinese: 郭鄺肖卿;[1] born 1929), is the matriarch of the Kwok family.

She controls Sun Hung Kai Properties, the largest property developer in Hong Kong.

As of 2008, Kwong controls about 41.53% of SHK Properties' shares through a family trust, so she became the largest shareholder of the company.[2]

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