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Kyogo Kawaguchi (born October 1, 1974 in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese singer-songwriter. He is now working towards world peace with "Chikyukyoudai" ("World Siblings"). His notable works include "Sakura".

Singles[change | change source]

  Release Date Title Japanese
1st October 4, 1995 Sekaijuu ga senchimentaru (Everybody is sentimental) 世界中がセンチメンタル
2nd November 22, 2000 Mafuyu no tsuki (Midwinter moon) 真冬の月
3rd February 21, 2002 Gabera ガーベラ
4th August 21, 2002 Omega no kioku (Memories of omega) オメガの記憶
5th April 30, 2003 Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
6th December 10, 2003 Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
7th May 19, 2004 Ai no uta (Song of Love) 愛の歌
8th August 4, 2004 A Place In The Sun A Place In The Sun
9th August 25, 2004 Suiyoubi no asa (Wednesday Morning) 水曜日の朝
10th February 16, 2005 Yume no mannnaka
Mune no kotoba (The Middle of a Dream) / (The Words of my Heart)
11th August 24, 2005 Watashi no subete (All of Me) 私のすべて
12th June 28, 2006 Honto wa shiawase (In truth, I'm happy) ホントは幸せ
13th August 23, 2006 Kaisha wo yamete tabini deyou (Let's Quit our Jobs and Go on a Journey) 会社をやめて旅に出よう
14th December 27, 2006 Hikari
Tegami ( [?] / Letter)
15th April 18, 2007 Koufuku no uta (Song of Happiness) 幸福の歌
16th July 23, 2008 Tadaima (I'm Back) ただいま-七夕篇-
17th September 17, 2008 Tadaima (I'm back) ただいま
18th November 5, 2008 Miraiiropuropo-zu (Future-Coloured Proposal) 未来色プロポーズ

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