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La Tomatina

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La Tomatina
La Tomatina
La Tomatina in 2014
Official nameLa Tomatina
Observed byBuñol, Valencia, Spain
DateLast Wednesday in August
2023 dateAugust 30
2024 dateAugust 28
2025 dateAugust 27

La Tomatina is a celebration that occurs each year, in Buñol. Buñol celebrates on the last Wednesday in August. At the Tomatina, people throw ripe tomatoes at each other. It probably started in 1945, as a food fight between friends. Today, it is a major tourist attraction. Most people at the Tomatina are tourists. Before 2013, there was no limit as to how many people can attend. In 2013, a ticketing system was introduced. There are 20.000 tickets.[1] Buñol has a population of about 9.000.

It is said to be the biggest food fight in the world.[2][3]


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