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Landmark Worldwide (formerly Landmark Education), or simply Landmark, is a company offering self-improvement programs. It was founded in January 1991. As of 2013 the company had reported that more than 2.4 million people had participated in its programs since 1991.[1] It is linked to EST (which stands for Erhard Seminars Training), and has been accused of being a cult.[2]

EST was known for the instructor abusing the participants all the time. Especially the phrases "assholes! everyone", "Perfect!" and "standing is booking (continue standing)" were often parodied and ridiculed.[3] The ultimate ideals of Landmark (also EST) are in the extraordinary human transformation and in "Being a Master of Life".[4][5]

Landmark have many kinds of course programs like Scientology within English-speaking countries;[6] in the 20th century, Landmark's course programs were limited. Landmark urge existing participants to invite others. Landmark calls it "enrollment", but critics often compare its system to zombies.[7]

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