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This latch can be opened from outside the door or from inside.
A latch is used to close a farm gate, but is also easy to open.
A lock and two latches on a trunk
This window latch can hold the window open or hold it closed.

A latch is a type of hardware that is used to join two objects together. A latch often keeps animals or wind from opening something. This could be a door or a gate. Unlike a lock, a latch is easy to open if you know how, so it can be convenient on a gate that needs to be opened often.

  • a childproof latch (also called a baby latch) is designed to keep children from opening doors or drawers. They keep children from getting into things such as household cleaners, medicines, matches or knives.[1]
  • a gate latch is used for outdoor gates. There are a wide variety of types. There are also a number of considerations before choosing a gate latch.[2]
  • a Touch latch holds a door in the closed position. It releases with a gentle touch on the door.[3]

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