Le Courrier

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Le Courrier is a French-language daily newspaper, which originated in Geneva. It was first issued as a Sunday newspaper, on January 5, 1868. Most people in Geneva are Protestant. Le Courrier was issues by a small number of Catholics. It has always had a strong focus on Catholic values. In 1892, it became a daily newspaper. In 1907, Geneva had a separation of Church and state; at that time, the number of printed copied dropped markedly.

Until 1923, the newspaper was Christian and stood for conservative values. In that year Christan Levraz changed the focus to focus more on social values - The newspaper was left-wing, from then on. The Catholic Church was not too happy with the left-wing orientation of the newspaper. In 1996, the Church stopped supporting Le Courrier, because it saw the journal's attitude as too close to the Biblical teachings (that is: too evangelical). Today, the newspaper collaborates with La Liberté, another Catholic newspaper from Fribourg. In the year 2019, 7.000-8.000 copies were printed each day.

Le Courrier is the only newspaper printed in Geneva.

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