Lee (Korean surname)

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The one hanja for Yi
Pronunciation[iː] or [riː]
Word/NameKorean peninsula
  • 리 or 이[1]
    • 李: plum
    • 異: different
    • 伊: that
Other names
Variant form(s)I, Yi, Ri, Rhee, Rhie, Reeh
Yi (Ri)
이 (리)
Revised RomanizationLee, Li, Yi, I, Ri
McCune–ReischauerLee, Li, Yi, I, Ri
Note: "" is officially romanized as I in South Korea and Ri in North Korea.

Lee or I () is the second most common surname, or family name, in Korea. In 2015 more than 7 million people in South Korea had this name. That is over 14% of all people in the country.[2]

References[change | change source]

  1. 리(Ri) in North Korea and 이(I) in South Korea. However, 이(I) in South Korea use 리(Lee) as their official English surname.
  2. "2015년 인구주택총조사 전수집계결과 보도자료" [Results of the 2015 Census of Population and Housing survey]. Korean Statistical Information Service. Retrieved 28 May 2019.