Lee Jung-jae

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Lee Jung-jae (Hangul: 이정재; born December 15, 1972)[1] is an actor and former model from South Korea. In 2021 he gained fame for his role of Seong Gi-Hun in Netflix's survival drama Squid Game. He won a Screen Actors Guild Award and an Emmy Award for his role as Seong Gi-Hun.

Career[change | change source]

He started his career as a fashion model. Then Lee Jung-jae began his acting career on television in the campus series Feelings (1994) and the iconic drama Sandglass (1995).

Lee's film career grew after his acting breakthrough in An Affair (1998). He played in films such as Over the Rainbow (2002), Il Mare (2000),[2] the melodrama Last Present (2001). He also played in popular comedies, such as Oh! Brothers (2003), action films The Last Witness (2001) and Typhoon (2005), heist film The Thieves (2012), film noir New World (2013),[3] and period film The Face Reader (2013).[4]

He won Best Actor awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for City of the Rising Sun (1999).

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