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"Leis" redirects here. "LEIS" is an abbreviation for low-energy ion scattering.

Lei could mean:

  • Lei, the singular formal form of "you" in Italian (informal : tu)
  • Lei, the plural form of Leu, the name of two currencies. See Romanian leu and Moldovan leu.
  • Lei (Hawaii), a Hawaiian flower necklace
  • Lei (surname), a Chinese name
  • Lei (Italy), a town in Sardinia
  • Lei Fang, a character in the Dead or Alive game series
  • Lei Wulong, a character in the Tekken game series
  • Lei (magazine), an Italian magazine
  • Lei, the Portuguese language word meaning "law"
  • L.e.i., a clothing company

LEI could mean:

  • LEI, the ATA Airport Code for the Spanish city Almería
  • Legal Expenses Insurance, a policy which covers the holder for legal costs