Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota

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Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota
Tammy Miller

since January 3, 2023
North Dakota Office of the Governor
Term length4 years
Inaugural holderAlfred Dickey
FormationNovember 20, 1889
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The Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota is a political office in North Dakota. They are the second-highest ranking official in North Dakota, behind the Governor of North Dakota.

List[change | change source]


  Democratic/Democratic-NPL (6)   Republican (32)   Republican/NPL (2)

# Lt. Governor Term Party Governor(s) served under Note
1 Alfred Dickey 1889–1891 Republican John Miller (R)
2 Roger Allin 1891–1893 Republican Andrew H. Burke (R) [note 1]
3 Elmer D. Wallace 1893–1895 Democratic-Independent Eli C. D. Shortridge (D)
4 John H. Worst 1895–1897 Republican Eli C. D. Shortridge (D)
5 Joseph M. Devine 1897–1898 Republican Frank A. Briggs (R) [note 1]
6 David Bartlett 1901–1907 Republican Frank White (R)
Elmore Y. Sarles (R)
7 Robert S. Lewis 1907–1911 Republican John Burke (D)
8 Usher L. Burdick 1911–1913 Republican John Burke (D)
9 Anton T. Kraabel 1913–1915 Republican L. B. Hanna (R)
10 John H. Fraine 1915–1917 Republican L. B. Hanna (R)
11 Anton T. Kraabel 1917–1919 Republican Lynn Frazier (R)
12 Howard R. Wood 1919–1923 Republican Lynn Frazier (R)
Ragnvald A. Nestos (R)
13 Frank H. Hyland 1923–1925 Republican Ragnvald A. Nestos (R)
14 Walter Maddock 1925–1928 Republican Arthur G. Sorlie (R) [note 1]
15 John W. Carr 1929–1933 Republican George F. Shafer (R)
William Langer (R)
16 Ole H. Olson 1933–1934 Republican William Langer (R)
no lieutenant governor
[note 1]
17 Walter Welford 1935 Republican/NPL Thomas H. Moodie (D) [note 1]
18 Thorstein H. H. Thoresen 1937–1939 Republican William Langer (R)
19 Jack A. Patterson 1939–1941 Republican John Moses (D)
20 Oscar W. Hagen 1941–1943 Republican/NPL John Moses (D)
21 Henry Holt 1943–1944 Democratic John Moses (D)
22 Clarence P. Dahl 1945–1951 Republican Fred G. Aandahl (R)
23 Ray Schnell 1951–1953 Republican Clarence Norman Brunsdale (R)
24 Clarence P. Dahl 1953–1957 Republican Clarence Norman Brunsdale (R)
25 Francis Clyde Duffy 1957–1959 Republican John E. Davis (R)
26 Clarence P. Dahl 1959–1961 Republican John E. Davis (R)
27 Orville W. Hagen 1961–1963 Republican William L. Guy (D)
28 Frank A. Wenstrom 1963–1965 Republican William L. Guy (D)
29 Charles Tighe 1965–1969 Democratic William L. Guy (D)
30 Richard F. Larsen 1969–1973 Republican William L. Guy (D)
31 Wayne G. Sanstead 1973–1981 Democratic Arthur A. Link (D)
32 Ernest Sands 1981–1985 Republican Allen I. Olson (R)
33 Ruth Meiers 1985–1987 Democratic George A. Sinner (D)
34 Lloyd Omdahl 1987–1992 Democratic George A. Sinner (D)
35 Rosemarie Myrdal 1992–2000 Republican Ed Schafer (R)
36 Jack Dalrymple 2000–2010 Republican John Hoeven (R) [note 1]
37 Drew Wrigley 2010–2016 Republican Jack Dalrymple (R)
38 Brent Sanford 2016–2023 Republican Doug Burgum (R)
39 Tammy Miller 2023–present Republican Doug Burgum (R)

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