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Lisa (given name)

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The name Lisa [ lee-suh, -zuh ][1] is a female given name. It is a form of the name Elizabeth. Lisa is a popular name for girls that has been in use for centuries. It is a short and sweet name that is simple to pronounce and spell. The meaning of the name Lisa can vary depending on its origin. One of the most common meanings of the name Lisa is "God is my oath." This meaning comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which was the name of Aaron's wife in the Old Testament. Elisheba was later abbreviated to Elizabeth, and Lisa is a diminutive form of Elizabeth. Another meaning of the name Lisa is "consecrated to God." This meaning comes from the Latin name Lysa, which was a shortened version of Elizabeth. In ancient Rome, the name Lysa was given to girls who were devoted to the goddess Juno. In German, the name Lisa means "God's promise." This meaning comes from the German name Liese, which is a diminutive form of Elizabeth. In German culture, the name Liese was often bestowed upon girls who were born after a long period of waiting or difficulty.[2] This is a unique name (not in the top 1000 newborn names in the US in 2021).

Across the United Kingdom, Lisa was the fifth most popular female name. Around 1996, the name fell out of Top 100. In the United States, during the 1960s and 1970s, Lisa was among the most popular feminine names. However, by around the late 1970s, the name began to decline.

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