List of Becca's Bunch characters

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These Are Characters From Becca’s Bunch



Becca[change | change source]

Becca Is The Main Character Of The Show

She Is A Spunky, Clever, Compassionate Bird Who Never Gives Up And Often Playing With Others, Her Confidence Is Often Seen On Occasion, She Is Also Cheerful And Innocent, She Is The Leader Of The Group

Becca’s Catchphrase Is “Bunch Crunch”

Russell[change | change source]

Russell Is A Bunch Member From Becca’s Bunch He Is 11-Years Old

Brave, outgoing, and strong-willed, Russell Is very bold And overconfident. He often gets overexcited. While happy-go-lucky And very loud, Russell has a cousin he is nervous of

Russell’s Catchphrase Is “Macadamia!”

Silva[change | change source]

Sliva Is A Bunch Member From Becca’s Bunch And Is 11-Years Old

Sliva Sure Does Have A Lot Of Things Up Her Sleeve! Clever, Smart, And Intelligent, Silva Is Easily The Brains Of The Group, She Always Uses Stuff On Adventures To Help Her Frineds

Sliva Does Not Have A Catchphrase

Pedro[change | change source]

Pedro Is A Bunch Member From Becca’s Bunch And Is 11-Years Old

Pedro Is Adventurous And Smart, However, He Does Show His Lack Of Confidence In Some Episodes, He Is A Bit High-Strug But Mostly A Friendly Person, Pedro Is Somewhat Lazy Aa Well, As He Fell Asleep During A Race

Pedro’s Catchphrase Is “I Am Not Diggin It” It Shows His Occasional Lack Of Confidence Even Though He Is Confident Most Times