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List of Oklahoma state symbols

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This is a list of Oklahoma's state symbols, including official and unofficial. The official symbols are codified by statute. Many of the unofficial symbols are put in place by Oklahoma Senate of House of Representative resolutions.

State symbols[change | change source]

Location of the State of Oklahoma in the United States of America
Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella) is Oklahoma's official state wildflower.
Senate Concurrent Resolution 101 (1972) designated the Buffalo (Bison bison) as Oklahoma's state mammal.
In 1979, the Oklahoma State Senate, named the 76 foot tall Golden Driller as the state monument (SCR23, 1979).
Floral emblem Mistletoe 25 O.S.3§92, 1893
Fruit Strawberry 25 O.S.3§98.10, 2005
Wildflower Indian Blanket Gaillardia pulchella 25 O.S.3§92.1, 1986
Tree Redbud Cercis canadensis 1971
Grass Indian Grass Sorghastrum nutans SCR72, 1972
Flower Oklahoma Rose 25 O.S.3§92, 2004
Vegetable Watermelon 2007
Bird Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Muscivora forficata 25 O.S.3§98, 1951
Reptile Collared Lizard (Mountain Boomer) Crotaphytus collaris) HCR1009, 1969
Mammal Buffalo Bison bison SCR101, 1972
Fish White bass (Sand bass) Morone chrysops 25 O.S.3§98.2, 1974
Furbearer Animal Common Raccoon Procyon lotor SCR25, 1989
Insect European honey bee Apis mellifera SCR75, 1992
Game Animal White-tail deer Odocoileus Virginians SCR24, 1990
Game Bird Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo 25 O.S.3§98.13,1990
Butterfly Black Swallowtail Papilio polyxenes HB2082, 1996
Amphibian Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana HCR1026, 1997
Fossil Saurophaganax Maximus 25 O.S.3§98.6, 2000
Flying Mammal Mexican free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) 25 O.S.3§98.11, 2006
Dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus atokensis 25 O.S.3§98.14, 2006
waltz "Oklahoma Wind" SR42, 1982
Anthem "Oklahoma!"
lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II
music: Richard Rodgers
25 O.S.3§94.1, 1953
Folk Song "Oklahoma Hills"
by Woody Guthrie
and Jack Guthrie
25 O.S.3§94.8, 2001
Musical instrument Fiddle Unknown
Country and Western Song "Faded Love"
by John Willis
and Bob Wills
SCR65, 1988
Folk Dance Square Dance SCR111, 1988
Percussive Musical Instrument Drum 25 O.S.3§98.3, 1993
Children's Song "Oklahoma, My Native Land"
by Martha Kemm Barrett
HB3000, 1996
Western Band The Sounds of the Southwest HCR1053, 1997
Cartoon Character GUSTY© 25 O.S.3§98.9, 2005
Colors Green and White 25 O.S.3§93, 1915
Rock Rose Rock (Barite rose) 25 O.S.3§98.1, 1968
State Monument Golden Driller SCR23, 1979
Theatre Lynn Riggs Players of Oklahoma, Inc. Unknown
Poem "Howdy Folks" by David Randolph Milsten Unknown
Pin "OK" pin Unknown
Beverage Milk SCR, 1985
Soil Port Silt Loam Cumulic haplustolls Unknown
Poet Laureate biennial gubernatorial appointment 1994
Tartan Oklahoma Tartan HCR1025, 1999
Stamp Oklahoma Statehood Stamp which celebrates the 100th birthday of Oklahoma's entry into the Union, November 16, 1907 Issued by the United States Postal Service [1]

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