List of presidents of Trinidad and Tobago

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President of the
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Flag of the President of Trinidad and Tobago.svg
President Paul Mae-Weekes.jpg
Paula-Mae Weekes

since 19 March 2018
StyleMr. President
The Honourable
His/Her Excellency
(formal, diplomatic)
ResidencePresident's House
AppointerElectoral college consisting of all of the members of the Senate and House of Representatives
Term lengthFive years, renewable indefinitely
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Trinidad and Tobago
PrecursorQueen of Trinidad and Tobago
Inaugural holderSir Ellis Clarke
Formation24 September 1976
Salary$54,600 (1976)[1]

The President of Trinidad and Tobago is the person who is in charge of the country of Trinidad and Tobago. They help the country and its people. The office was created in 1976 after being declared independent. The first President was Ellis Clarke.

List of presidents of Trinidad and Tobago (1976-)[change | change source]

Portrait Tenure Elected Prime Minister(s)
Took office Left office
1 Sir Ellis Clarke
Sir Ellis Clarke (cropped 2).jpg 1 August 1976 24 September 1976 1976,
24 September 1976 19 March 1987
2 Noor Hassanali
No image.png 20 March 1987 17 March 1997 1987,
3 A. N. R. Robinson
A. N. R. Robinson.jpg 18 March 1997 16 March 2003 1997 Panday
4 George Maxwell Richards
Professor George Maxwell Richards 1 (cropped 2).jpg 17 March 2003 18 March 2013 2003,
5 Anthony Carmona
Anthony Carmona.jpg 18 March 2013 19 March 2018 2013 Persad-Bissessar
6 Paula-Mae Weekes
No image.svg 19 March 2018 Incumbent 2018 Rowley

Former living heads of state[change | change source]

There are two living former Trinidadian Heads of State:

Image Name Term/Reign Office Date of birth
Elizabeth II greets NASA GSFC employees, May 8, 2007 edit.jpg Elizabeth II 1962–1976 Queen of Trinidad and Tobago (1926-04-21) 21 April 1926 (age 96)
Anthony Carmona.jpg Anthony Carmona 2013–2018 President of Trinidad and Tobago (1953-03-07) 7 March 1953 (age 69)

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