List of The Buzz on Maggie Episodes

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This article contains information on every episode in Disney's The Buzz on Maggie.

2005 Aired Episodes[change | change source]

Episode 1A: The Flyinator[change | change source]

Maggie wants to see an R-rated movie called The Flyinator 3, but she gets frightened from seeing it. And when she comes home, her entire family, even Bella, turn into a bunch of Flyinators, but that's only in Maggie's imagination.

Episode 1B: Ladybugged[change | change source]

A ladybug comes to Buzzdale Academy and bosses other students, and lies about what a superior life she had in Beverly Gardens, but Maggie unveils the lies.

Episode 2A: Funball[change | change source]

When Maggie realizes that her older brother, Aldrin, can beat Pupert, Maggie's younger brother, at everyething, she devises a new game called "funball" so that Pupert can beat Aldrin at something. But Aldrin gets the hang of things and eventually wins.

Episode 2B: The Science Watchamacallit[change | change source]