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List of cities in North Korea

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This is a list of ten cities in North Korea with the most people.

Rank Hangul Hanja* City Population Image Description
1 평양 平壤 Pyongyang 3,255,288 (2008) Along the Taedong River, Pyongyang is North Korea's capital and largest city.
2 함흥 咸興 Hamhung 768,551 (2008) Hamhung is capital of Hamgyongnam-do and the second largest city in North Korea.
3 청진 清津 Chongjin 627,000 (2008) North Korea's busiest seaport and third largest city, Chongjin is capital of Hamgyongbuk-do.
4 남포 南浦 Nampo 366,815 (2008) Nampo is another important port, and is managed as a Special City within Pyongannam-do.
5 원산 元山 Wonsan 363,127 (2008) Wonsan is a large port and capital of Kangwon-do.
6 신의주 新義州 Sinuiju 359,341 (2008) Sinuiju is the capital of Pyonganbuk-do and North Korea's largest trade center with China.
7 단천 端川 Tanchon 345,875 (2008) Tanchon is known for its extensive mineral resources and chemical industry.
8 개천 价川 Kaechon 319,554 (2008) Kaechon major industry is metalworking and machine building.
9 개성 開城 Kaesong 308,440 (2008) A former capital of Korea, Kaesong is famous for its beautiful setting and many historic landmarks.
10 사리원 沙里院 Sariwon 307,764 (2008) Sariwon is capital of Hwanghaebuk-do, and site of several universities.

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  • All population figures come from the 2008 North Korean census.