List of geological features on Ariel

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This list of geological features on Ariel tells you the named geological things on the moon of Uranus called Ariel. Nearly all of the features are named after fictional or mythological people, places or things.

Valleys[change | change source]

Valleys on Ariel are called valles.

Vallis Where it got its name from
Leprechaun Vallis Leprechauns of Irish mythology
Sprite Vallis Sprites of Celtic mythology

Chasms[change | change source]

Chasms on Ariel are called chasmata.

Chasma Where it got its name from
Brownie Chasma Brownies (British folklore)
Kachina Chasma Kachina (Hopi mythology)
Kewpie Chasma Kewpie (British folklore)
Korrigan Chasma Korrigans (Breton folklore)
Kra Chasma Kra (Akan belief system)
Pixie Chasma Pixie (British folklore)
Sylph Chasma Sylph (British folklore)

Craters[change | change source]

Crater Where it got its name from
Abans Aban (Persian mythology)
Agape Agape (Spenser)
Ataksak Ataksak (Inuit mythology)
Befana Befana (Italian folklore)
Berylune Bérylune (Maurice Maeterlinck)
Deive Deive (Lithuanian folklore)
Djadek Djadek (Czech folklore)
Domovoy Domovoi (Slavic mythology)
Finvara Finvarra (Irish mythology)
Gwyn Gwyn ap Nudd (Irish mythology)
Huon Huon of Bordeaux (French literature)
Laica Laica (Incan mythology)
Mab Queen Mab (English folklore)
Melusine Melusine (French literature)
Oonagh Oonagh (Irish mythology)
Rima Rima (William Henry Hudson's Green Mansions)
Yangoor Yangoor (a good spirit who brings the daylight)

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