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The German: Erster Bürgermeister is the First Mayor of Hamburg, Germany. He is the President of the Senate (government) of Hamburg. The Erster Bürgermeister is Hamburg's Minister President.

The constitution of 28 September 1860 says that the state is to be governed by the ten-member Senate headed by the First Mayor as the President of the Senate. His deputy is the Second Mayor. Until 1997 the First Mayor was elected by the Senate. Now he is elected by the Bürgerschaft (the city's parliament) and the Erster Bürgermeister has appointed and dismissed other Senators.

List of Mayors[change | change source]

Weimar Republic[change | change source]

Third Reich[change | change source]

appointed by the British occupation forces[change | change source]

democratically elected after World War II[change | change source]

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