List of presidents of the People's Republic of China

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Central People's Government (1949–1954)[change | change source]

Chairman of the Central People's Government
Portrait Name
Term of office NPC Vice Chairman
1 Mao Zedong
Beijing At-large
27 September 1953 27 April 1958 I Zhu De
The First Chairman of the People's Republic of China.
2 Liu Shaoqi
Beijing At-large
27 April 1958 21 December 1964 II Song Qingling & Dong Biwu
21 December 1964 31 October 1968 III
Ousted by Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution.
Song Qingling
Shanghai At-large
Dong Biwu
Hubei At-large
31 October 1968 24 February 1972 (Song)

17 January 1972 (Dong)

III Vacancy by ascension
Both Song Qingling and Dong Biwu co-served as acting chairman of the People's Republic of China until the resignation of Song Qingling in 24 February 1972. Dong Biwu served the remainder of the term.