List of rivers of Lebanon

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This is a list of all waterways named as rivers in Lebanon. Lebanon has 16 rivers all of which are non navigable.

Rivers originating on the western face of the Lebanon Mountains
Modern name Other names Ancient name
Nahr al-Kabir al-Janoubi Nahr al-Kabir Eleutherus River
Astoun River
Arqa River
Nahr al-Bared
Kadisha River Nahr Abu Ali
Al-Jawz River
Abraham River Nahr Ibrahim Adonis River
Nahr al-Kalb Dog River Lycus River
Beirut River Magoras River
Damour River
Awali River Asclepius River
Siniq River
Zahrani River

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Rivers originating in the Lebanese hinterland
Modern name Other names Ancient name
Litani River Qasimiyeh River Leontes River
Asi River Orontes River
Hasbani River Nahal Snir

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