List of rivers of Sudan

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This is a list of streams and rivers in Sudan. They are arranged by where the river drains. There is list by letter at the end of this article.

Flowing into the Mediterranean[change | change source]

Flowing into the Red Sea[change | change source]

Flowing into endorheic basins[change | change source]

Libyan Desert[change | change source]

  • Wadi Howar (remnant of the Yellow Nile, an ancient tributary of the Nile)

Lake Kundi[change | change source]

List by letter[change | change source]

A to M[change | change source]

Adda River, Sudan - Angereb River - Atbarah River

Bahr al-Arab - Barka River

Dinder River

Geni River

Ibrah River

Mareb River (Gash River)

N to Z[change | change source]

Nile River

Rahad River

Tekezé River - Tiwal River

Umbelasha River

Wadi Howar - White Nile

Yabus River

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References[change | change source]

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