List of universities in Azerbaijan

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This is a list of universities in Azerbaijan.

Public[change | change source]

Building of Azerbaijan State Economic University in Baku
Public Universities
Universities Established
Academy of Public Administration January 3, 1999
Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University 1975
ADA University March 6, 2006
Azerbaijan Medical University 1930
Azerbaijan State Agricultural University 1929
Azerbaijan State Economic University 1930
Azerbaijan State Marine Academy 1996
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University 1920
Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts 1923
Academy of State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan January 24, 2012
Azerbaijan State Physical Culture and Sports Academy 1930[1]
Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction 1975
Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University 2006
National Conservatory of Azerbaijan June 13, 2000
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University August 26, 1921
Azerbaijan Technical University 1950
Azerbaijan University of Languages October 9, 1937
Baku Engineering University 2016
Baku Academy of Music 1920
Baku Higher Oil School 2011
National Aviation Academy (Azerbaijan) 1992[2]
Baku Slavic University 1946
Baku State University 1919
Theology Institute of Azerbaijan February 9, 2018
Ganja State University 1938
Lankaran State University 1991
Mingachevir State University July 24, 2015
Nakhchivan State University 1967
Sumqayit State University 1961
Azerbaijan Higher Military Academy 1939
Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 1992
Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations 2008
Baku Choreography Academy 2014
Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts 2002
Academy of the State Security Service named after Heydar Aliyev 1998

Private[change | change source]

Western Caspian University in Baku
Private Universities
Universities Established
Baku Business University 1993 [3]
Azerbaijan University 1991
Baku Eurasian University April 30, 1992 [4]
Western Caspian University 1991
Azerbaijan University of Cooperation January 9, 1992
Nakchivan Private University 1999 [5]
Odlar Yurdu University 1999
Western University 1991
Baku Islam Uni 1991
Khazar University 1990
Qafqaz University 1993

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