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Locksmiths in Nigeria

A locksmith is a person who works with locks, keys and security systems. Locksmithing is the profession of a locksmith.

Job description[change | change source]

Locksmiths fix broken locks, make keys, and install security systems like alarms.[1] In most countries locksmiths must follow a strict set of laws. In some countries locksmiths start as apprentices. In others, they must get a certificate or degree after training at a school or university.

Some countries such as the UK, there are no actual laws or rules as to who can become a locksmith, so many locksmiths choose to join a trade association to prove their proficiency and credentials.

Locksmiths commonly work with all types of locks. Other areas that locksmiths cover include combination locks, auto locksmithing, safes, and access control. These areas are specialist and require specialized training

Tools[change | change source]

One of the most commonly used metals that locksmiths use to make keys in Europe is steel. Locksmiths in the US, Australia, and New Zealand would use brass as their main material.

Mortise locks, commonly found on older buildings, are comprised of a pocket that is cut into the door (or other piece of furniture) to which the lock will be fitted. These locks were used before the arrival of bored cylindrical locks.

Automotive locksmith[change | change source]

Automotive locksmith can help out with getting a new keys made for a car. They can also make duplicate keys and push-to-start key fobs. Usually automotive locksmiths are mobile, and they get to their customers by driving to them.

References[change | change source]

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