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Great Law Giver of Kangleipak civilization
Constitutional Monarchy1074 AD-1122 AD
Coronation1074 AD
PredecessorKainou Irengba (984 AD- 1074 AD)(2381 MF- 2471 MF)
SuccessorLoitongba (1122 AD- 1150 AD)
Full name
Meitingu Loyumpa
Era name and dates
Ancient Manipur-Medieval Manipur: 1074 AD-1122 AD
RoyaltyNingthouja dynasty (Mangang dynasty)
FatherKainou Irengba (984 AD- 1074 AD)(2381 MF- 2471 MF)
ReligionMeiteism (Sanamahism)
OccupationRuler of Constitutional republic of Ancient Manipur-Medieval Manipur interface period

Meidingu Loyumba (Old Manipuri: Meitingu Loyumpa) or Ningthou Loiyumba (Old Manipuri: Ningthou Loiyumpa) (1074 AD-1122 AD) was a ruler of Manipur (Kangleipak). He is best known for introducing Loiyumpa Silyel, the first written constitution to the kingdom in 1110 AD. He was a good ruler and there were peace during his time.[source?] He assigned a particular duty to every family (Meitei: yumnak) in the kingdom.[1][2] He divided his kingdom into 6 panas or districts (circles for administrative convenience). According to many historians, the coronation of King Loyumba marks the end of Ancient Manipur and the beginning of Medieval Manipur in the history of Manipur kingdom.[1][2]

He introduced Lallup system, the self imposed compulsory military education system into the kingdom in 1074 AD.[3] He initially introduced the Shammi Lanmi Phi shawl, crafted by the Khoisnam family. This heavily ornamental clothing is usually rewarded as costly gifts by the Kings to the successful tribal hunters and warriors.[4]

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