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Length is a measurement. A ruler can measure length. The length of something is the distance between two ends of the thing. Short means a small length. Long means much length. Short and long are opposites. For two dimensional things, length is usually the longer side.

Measuring[change | change source]

  • A line has one size measurement. This one measurement is the length.
  • A circle has diameter, the length across, and circumference, the length around.
  • A rectangle has two measurements that show its size. These two measurements are the length and the width of the rectangle.
  • The length and width of a square are the same.
  • A box has three measurements that show its size. These three measurements are the length, the width and the depth or height of the box.

Distance Examples[change | change source]

  • The distance from the front of the bus to the back of the bus is 30 meters. The bus is 30 meters in length.
  • A piece of wood is 10 meters X 10 cm X 15 cm. The piece of wood is 10 meters in length, 10 cm in breadth and 15 cm in height.

Length of Time[change | change source]

Length also describes time.

Time Example[change | change source]

John sits down at one o'clock, or 1h. John waits until three o'clock, or 3h. John stands up at three o'clock, or 3h. John was sitting for 2 hours. The length of time John was sitting was two hours.