Los Ríos Province

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Los Rios
Provincia de Los Rios
Flag of Los Rios
Coat of arms of Los Rios
Location of Los Rios Province in Ecuador.
Location of Los Rios Province in Ecuador.
Cantons of Los Ríos Province
Cantons of Los Ríos Province
CreatedOctober 6, 1860.
Founded byLegislative decree.
Named forHigh number of existing rivers.
CantonsList of Cantons
 • TypeProvincial
 • Total7,205.27 km2 (2,781.97 sq mi)
 • Total778,115
 • Density110/km2 (280/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Population 2001
Time zoneUTC-5 (ECT)
Vehicle registrationR
HDI (2017)0.705[2]
high · 22nd

Los Ríos (Spanish pronunciation: [loz ˈri.os]) is a province in Ecuador. The capital is Babahoyo. The province was founded on October 6, 1860.[3] Babahoyo was made its capital on September 30, 1948.

Cantons[change | change source]

The province is divided into 13 cantons. The following table lists each with its population at the time of the 2010 census, its area in square kilometres (km²), and the name of the canton seat or capital.[4]

Canton Pop. (2010) Area (km²) Seat/Capital
Baba 39,681 516 Baba
Babahoyo 153,773 1,076 Babahoyo
Buena Fé 63,148 569 San Jacinto de Buena Fe
Mocache 38,392 562 Mocache
Montalvo 24,164 362 Montalvo
Palenque 22,320 570 Palenque
Pueblo Viejo 36,477 338 Puebloviejo
Quevedo 173,575 303 Quevedo
Quinsaloma 16,476 280 Quinsaloma
Urdaneta 29,263 377 Catarama
Valencia 42,556 980 Valencia
Ventanas 71,093 288 Ventanas
Vinces 71,736 693 Vinces

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