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Ludwig Brousek

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Ludwig Brousek (20 March 1908 – 14 August 1974[1]) was an Austrian football player. He played mainly for FC Libertas Wien. He also played one match for the Austrian national football team.

Career[change | change source]

Ludwig Brousek began his career with the first division club SpC Rudolfshügel. After the club played in the VAFÖ, he moved to SC Altmannsdorf in the second division. After one season he went to BAC . They were sent up to the 1st league without losing a single game. They were sent back down in the following season and Brousek went to FC Libertas Vienna.

With Libertas, Ludwig Brousek found a club with which he could play in the first division for a long time and also got along well with his right wing partner Josef Lebeda. They played together with club colleague Rudolf Schlauf in the international match on 6 October 1935 against Poland in Warsaw.[2] Ludwig Brousek stayed with the club in the highest Austrian league until 1937. In early 1938 he moved to SV Wienerberg, where he played until 1944.

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