Lukas Bärfuss

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Lukas Bärfuss in 2014

Lukas Bärfuss (born 30 December 1971 in Thun, Switzerland) is a Swiss writer. He writes in German. He has won many prizes in literature. These prizes include the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis in 2005 for the play Der Bus (Das Zeug einer Heiligen), the Swiss Book Prize (German: Schweizer Buchpreis) in 2008 for Hundert Tage, the Anna Seghers-Preis in 2008, the Hans Fallada Prize in 2010, the Solothurner Literaturpreis in 2014, the Nicolas Born Prize in 2015, the Johann-Peter-Hebel-Preis in 2016, and the most important German literature prize[1] the Georg-Büchner-Preis in 2019.[2]

Bärfuss writes critically about Switzerland in his novels and theatrical work.[1] He also has written novels based on personal events and genocide in Rwanda.[2]

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