M4 Sherman

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A sherman easy eight (a M4A3 with a HVSS suspension and a 76 mm gun), one of the many variants of the M4

The M4 Sherman was a American medium tank that served during WWII and the Korean War. The early ones had an underpowered 75 mm gun that couldn't penetrate the thick armor of the German tanks it was facing. Only the large numbers helped to knock out the heavily armored German Tigers. The early ones also had relatively thin armor that was easily penetrated by the 8.8 cm KwK 36, the anti-tank gun the Germans had.

The list of variants includes, but is not limited too:

  • The Sherman Firefly, a British variant with a QF-17 pounder gun (the "pounder" designation of 17 means it shoots 17-pound shells)
  • The M4A1
  • The M4A2
  • The M4A3
  • The M4A4
  • The M4A5
  • The M4A6
  • and the Easy eight and the Jumbo, which were actually subvariants of the M4A3, with both looking similar yet the Easy eight being outfitted for the 76mm gun while the Sherman Jumbo with the conventional 75mm but thicker armour.