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Magic User’s Club is an anime created by Junichi Sato. There were two manga released for it. One is for girls and the other is for boys.

Plot[change | change source]

A huge spaceship called "the Bell" comes to Earth. People try to stop the Bell, but they are not able to. A group of high school students called the "Magic User’s Club" fight the Bell using magic.

Characters[change | change source]

  • Sae Sawanoguchi: Sae is a new member in the Magic Club. She wants to do magic, but she is very clumsy. She loves Takeo, but she is too shy to tell him.
  • Nanaka Nakatomi: Nanaka is a new member of the Magic Club. She is Sae’s best friend. Nanaka does not want to be in the Magic Club. She stays in the Magic Club because Sae loves the Magic Club. Nanaka loves Aburatsubo, but she doesn’t think he will love her back.
  • Akane Aikawa: Akane is a new member of the Magic Club. She is rich and pretty. She thinks magic is easy. She works as a model.
  • Takeo Takakura: Takeo is the leader of the Magic Club. He is a pervert. He loves Sae, but he is too nervous to tell her.
  • Ayanojyo Aburatsubo: Aburatsubo is a member of the Magic Club. He is good at magic. He is good at tennis and acting too. He loves Takeo, but Takeo doesn’t love him back.