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Maibis performing Maibi Jagoi (priestesses' dance)

A Maibi or an Amaibi is a female priestess or a nun who uphold the sacred rites and rituals of Sanamahism (Meitei religion).[1][2] Their lives and duties encompass a wide range of activities to the spiritual life of the Meitei ethnicity. They play significant role in the Lai Haraoba festival to please the Umang Lais and the Lam Lais.[3][4] Maibism or Maibi culture is a dominant feature in Sanamahism.[5] The male counterpart of a Maibi is a Maiba.

A motif of a Maibi, included in the tableau of Manipur state, shown in New Delhi
A motif of a Maibi, included in the tableau of Manipur state, shown in New Delhi on the Republic Day

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