Maila Nurmi

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Maila Nurmi
PlanNine 07.jpg
Nurmi as Vampira
Born Maila Elizabeth Syrjaniemi
11 December 1922
Petsamo, Finland
Died 10 January 2008
Los Angeles, California, United States
Occupation Television actress
Movie actress
Years active 1952-1994 (movies and television)
Spouse(s) Dean Riesner

Maila Nurmi (11 December 1922 – 10 January 2008) was a Finnish-American actress. She was born Maila Elizabeth Syrjaniemi in Petsamo, Finland. She created the character Vampira in the 1950s. She played Vampira in Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space.[1] She also played Vampira in the 1959 movie The Beat Generation.[2]

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