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Solidus of Emperor Majorian
Roman Emperor of the West
Reign1 April 457 – 2 August 461
SuccessorLibius Severus
Bornc. 420
Died7 August 461 (aged 35/38)
Dertona, Western Roman Empire
Full name
Julius Flavius Valerius Majorianus
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Iulius Flavius Valerius Maiorianus Augustus
FatherDomnius (possibly)
ReligionChalcedonian Christianity

Majorian (Latin: Iulius Flavius Valerius Maiorianus, c. 420 - 7 August 461) Was a Western Roman emperor from 1 April 457 - 2 August 461. Majorian was a skilled general and was probably the last hope for the survival of the crumbling Western Roman Empire as he was able to reconquer much of southern gaul and much of Hispania back under Roman Control. In 7 August 461, Majorian was deposed by a germanic roman general Ricimer and was killed.

During his reign, Majorian was able to secure several succesful campaigns in Gaul and Hispania reconquering much of both provinces and bringing it back under Roman Control. In 460 Majorian went to Hispania and ordered to build as massive fleet for preperations for an invasion of Africa, but before he was able to put his plans into action, his redied fleet was burned most of it destroyed and only leaving a few warships in a good state. After the incident, Majorian abandons his plans for a possible reconquest of Africa and instead focused on retaking Gaul and Hispania instead.