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OwnerMars, Incorporated
CountryUnited Kingdom
Introduced1937; 87 years ago (1937)
MarketsEurope, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Asia
Tagline"The lighter way to enjoy chocolate"

Maltesers is a brand of candy. They are milk chocolate-coated balls of malted milk. Maltesers are owned by Mars, Incorporated.[1]

The snack was created by Forrest Mars Sr., the owner of Mars, Incorporated and it would be launched it in 1937. The candy was first targeted towards woman as a weight loss candy.[2] Maltesers are popular in the United Kingdom, where it was first created. It was the most popular candy in the UK in a July and October 2020 poll.[3] Maltesers are also sold in other parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Asia. It entered the United States market in January 2017, with it being made in Newmarket, Ontario.[4]

In 2013, Mars introduced Maltesers Teasers, a chocolate bar made from Maltesers.[5]

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