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Manatee Palms Youth Services

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Suncoast Behavioral Health Center
Universal Health Services
LocationBradenton, Florida, United States
Care systemFor-profit
SpecialityChild and Adolescent mental health
Opened1987 (1987)
ListsHospitals in the United States

Manatee Palms Youth Services is a hospital. It has 60 patients at its location in Bradenton, Florida. Manatee Palms Youth Services has been shut down[1] by the State of Florida twice because of hurtful behavior from staff workers and nurses at its hospital.[2][1] Florida will not let Manatee Palms admit any more patients because of this hurtful behavior.[3] The State of Florida has found Manatee Palms a hospital that doesn't take care of its patients.[3][4]

1990s abuse[change | change source]

The first time abuse at Manatee Palms that is on public record happened in November 1991 when a staff worker sexually hurt a teenage patient.[5] Another situation occurred in February 1994 when Mark Duane Brewer, a hospital counselor, had sex with a 16-year-old patient in the hospital. [6] Another family filed suit against the same man in May of 1994, alleging their children were also raped.[6] Another situation happened in 1996, when a staff member attacked a patient by putting him in a choke hold and throwing him to the ground.[7] In 1997, an 18 year old man raped a patient at Manatee Palms.[8]

2000s abuse[change | change source]

In October 2004, a sexual assault happened at the facility and the staff member admitted it.[9]

In November 2004, four patients ran away from the hospital, stole a car, caused crashes, and almost hit a sheriff's deputy.[10][11] In February 2009, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a former patient who was physically assaulted by staff on a daily basis.[12]

Manatee Palms was in the news after people found out that a sex offender was employed in 2003. The 41-year-old asked a 15-year-old girl to engage in sexual acts with him and record it with a video camera.[13]

Closures[change | change source]

In April 2007, Manatee Palms was closed by the State of Florida for hiring staff members with criminal records, staff abusing patients, buildings falling apart, and threatening some people in Florida.[14][15][15] Manatee Palms was fined $12,000 by the state and was forced to make lots of renovations. They reopened in May 2007. In April 2010, Manatee Palms was closed once again[16] due to staff members hurting patients by breaking their bones.[1]

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