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Bust of Marianne sculpted by Théodore Doriot, in the French Senate
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Girlhood of Mary Virgin.jpg
Marianne is popular in part because it combines the names of the Virgin Mary and her mother Saint Anne, seen here depicted in a painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
MeaningVariant of Miriam or combination of Mary and Anne.
Other names
Related namesMary, Anne, Mariamne, Marian, Miriam

Marianne is a female given name. It is the French form of Mariamne, which in turn is a version of Mary. In the late Greek, Marianna was used. In 18th century France, Marianne became a popular version of the name Marian. People named Mariannne include singer Marianne Faithfull. Fictional characters with the name include Marianne Dashwood in the book Sense and Sensibility.