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Marie McDonald, publicity photo for Yank, the Army Weekly, 1944

Marie McDonald (July 6, 1923 – October 21, 1965) was an American singer and actor. She was known as "The Body Beautiful" and later nicknamed "The Body". She was in many movies and television programs. In Lucky Jordan, she played Pearl. In Guest of the House, she played Miriam.

On January 5, 1957, a truck driver found McDonald on a highway near Indio, California. After she was rescued, a doctor found she had two cracked teeth, bruises on her face and injuries on her neck, legs and cheek. She claimed that she was kidnapped by two men.[1] Police began doubting McDonald's story. Harry Karl, her estranged husband, also doubted the story, and claimed she was not well.

McDonald was born in Kentucky. She died from an overdose of drugs at age 42 in California.

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